Thursday, May 17, 2012

In the midst of a baby schedule and a crazy toddler, i managed to make, test, and package 36 sugar scrubs yesterday. I'm not one to talk about my products or rant about them, but, i could not believe how awesome my skin and face felt after using testing the scrub out. I even had the hubby give it a try and his feedback was... it smells awesome and tastes great, leaving his face as smooth as a babies bum. Each scrub is handmade with organic and natural pure you can eat it!

Right now, A&L Co. is preparing for an outdoor fair at Functional arts in Putnam,CT on June 2nd.
The scrubs are packaged in a quilted glass jar and attached is the cutest bamboo
spoon i have ever seen in my entire life.

cute, right?

A&L offers four scents right now....
Lemon & Ginger
                                    Lavender & Bud   (dried lavender buds)

Honey & Almond
  Cinnamon & Clove


A&L Co. is looking for a fifth scent...please comment below with a scent you'd like to see in our line and we will choose the best fit and send you a scrub in the new scent. Winner will be announced on Thurs. 24th.

thank you and happy winning!

fresh batch of Lemon & Ginger....

 Honey & Almond


  1. fun fun!! these sound/look great!

    5th scent idea: lily and mango

  2. These sound amazing!!! I would love to see coconut lime :)

  3. Ooh, these look so yummy! And yes, I get that you're not actually supposed to eat them. I'd like to see you develop spearmint and eucalyptus! Or just plain spearmint - they're so refreshing and invigorating! Or maybe a citrus blend...

  4. green tea! anything in that scent i instantly want. can't wait for the show and LOVE these :)

  5. Tea tree oil and rosemary!

  6. I would LOVE lavender and bud. Lavender is my all time favorite!!

    1. kelli, you would die. i just made it the other day and added the purest lavender to the batch its like heaven!! let me know what you would like to see in our line...pick a scent of your own and be apart of our giveaway!

  7. Hi Ashley, These look so good! My favorite scent is jasmine! love, Auntie Sue